Feeder Swap--September 1 - 16
Trade in Your Old Feeder; get 20% off a New One*

Do you have a bird feeder that has seen better days? A feeder that has birds thinking twice before they visit? Well, trade up during our Feeder Swap. We offer a variety of feeders, and we can help you find the one that will accommodate the birds in your yard.  Any repairable feeders will be donated to local schools, nature centers and other non-profits.

*Valid only at the participating store listed. NO LIMIT on the number of feeders that may be exchanged. Not valid with other discounts or previous purchases. A lesser discount will be taken on Brome Bird Care branded products according to their Minimum Allowable Price (MAP) guidelines. Offer expires 9/16/17. 

This is a great opportunity to trade in your old screw-bottom tube feeders for WBU Quick-Clean® or EcoClean™ feeders. The Quick-Clean® feature (right) allows you to easily clean out built-up debris from the bottom of the tube. EcoClean™ feeders have antimicrobial ions built into the metal and plastic parts, which inhibits the growth of damaging bacteria, mold and other microbes. EcoClean™ seed tubes and finch feeders also feature Quick-Clean® bottoms.

Upgrade your worn out wooden feeders to our durable EcoTough® recycled plastic feeders. Made of recycled milk jugs, these feeders are high quality products that help keep unnecessary waste from making its way into our landfills. EcoTough® feeders won't rot, fade, crack or warp and have limited lifetime guarantees.