Upcoming In-Store Presentations & Events

Saturday, Sept. 21, 10AM:  Return of the Raptors

Store Naturalist and Bergen County Audubon Society President, Don Torino, will give a presentation about birds of prey that may be observed in our area during Fall migration.  Learn about local birding hot spots where you may view many different species of raptors and how certain species are making a comeback in New Jersey.


Saturday, October 19, 2PM-4PM: Bats & Creepy Critters

Just in time to boost your Halloween spirit!  New Jersey's own "Batman", Joseph D'Angeli, will be here with LIVE bats, snakes, spiders and other creepy critters. Joseph D'Angeli, a licensed Chiroptologist, owns The Wildlife Conservation and Education Center in Garfield, NJ, and is an expert in all things bat-related.  He is also extremely knowledgeable in the area of exotic animals.  Visit his website www.njbatman.com



Saturday, November 16, 11AM:  Penguin Pointers

Waddle into the world of penguin biology, geography, care, feeding, and conservation.  Educators from Jenkinson's Aquarium will be here with LIVE penguins for an up-close and personal look at their behavior.